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Biomax Life Sciences operates from a world class infrastructure fully equipped to ensure the purity and fine quality of our products. We believe in evolving to fit our customers’ changing requirements, matching our products with the best available in the world, hence we are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to the incorporate latest technological breakthroughs.

We have evolved into a vertically integrated company, involved in everything from farming to production and formulation. In fact, today Biomax Life Sciences is a leading manufacturer and exporter of :

At Biomax, all manufacturing operations and processes employ advanced mechanized technology in order to minimize human handling and ensure uniformity, reproducibility and consistency in production, and avoid contamination in each and every batch. We therefore have the most up to date Plant with all the various types of machinery required for different extraction processes and multi solvent recovery, including the following:

  • Batch extractors, Continuous extractors

  • Solvent distillation units (RFE, WFE. FFE)

  • Driers : Vacuum, Spray and Fluid Bed Drier

  • Packing area equipped with dehumidifiers etc.